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Jiangxi LatticePower Semiconductor Corporation (“LatticePower Semiconductor ”) is founded by an elite team of LED packaging experts from US and China. Over the past three years, it has developed into the largest high power ceramic packaging LED manufacturer in China.

We have advanced LED packaging technologies, include the core technologies of eutectic bonding, Phosphor Coating technology, precision design of molding Lens, wafer level and chip level phosphor coating to achieve the highest performance of high power LED chips.

Using high performance GaN-on-Silicon thin film vertical chipswhich won the gold medal of “National Technological Invention Award” and sapphire flip chips, and Strict quality control, LatticePower Semiconductor  developed a complete high power LED product portfolio, These products have been widely used in portable lighting, automotive lighting, outdoor and indoor lighting, mobile phone flash,special lighting,etc.

With a laser focus on customer needs, product quality, technology innovation, LatticePower Semiconductor 's mission is to provide the best high power LED to our customers. LatticePower Semiconductor  has established a long-term strategic Partnerships with many major LED lighting companies in the word.      

LatticePower Semiconductor  is realizing the dream of becoming a word wide leader in high power LED packaging.